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  • Dr. med. Tina Osterholz-Zaleski
  • Dr. med. Urte Pauly
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🏷️ Discounts and other Benefits from Sperm Banks:

The following sperm banks offer discounts or other benefits to patients of the Private Practice for Fertility & Hormones: Cryos International and Born Donor Bank.

Special Requirements for Single Persons
Special Requirements for (unmarried) LGBTQ+ Couples
  • Single, 40-43
    8. July 2022 at 19:10

    Which factors influenced your choice of the fertility clinic?

    Is easily accessible in terms of location, is easily accessible in terms of time, has few hurdles (e.g. no guarantee person)

    What treatments and examinations did you undergo or plan to undergo there?

    Insemination or IVF

    What did you particularly like about the fertility clinic?

    The open and cordial manner from minute one. I immediately felt very comfortable.

    What did you not like about the clinic?

    There is nothing so far.

    Did the treatment result in a successful pregnancy?

    I will be starting my first treatment soon


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